Our History

Out of a backyard conversation in the summer of 1946 among three local attorneys, grew the idea for what was to become a partnership, made up of W. W. “Woolsey” Godlove, Bill Logan and Jack Cummins.

The three attorneys, also veterans, were swapping war stories when one of them described the speed and accuracy of the Army’s method of distributing battle orders in France and Germany during World War II. He explained that orders could be written at night, photographed on micro-film, and distributed from army to division to artillery corps to regiment to battalion to company, all before daylight. Orders for large-scale movements thus were translated into action in a matter of hours. Impressed by this photographic system, Cummins said he thought the same method could be used for preparing abstracts of court and public records.

A crew of six employees went to work immediately, micro-filming and indexing every instrument of record that could affect any real estate title in Comanche county. The business opened its doors in April 1947 in an upstairs office at 427½ D Avenue as Southwest Abstract Company. It was the first abstract company in Oklahoma to operate exclusively with micro-filmed records, and offered free pick-up and delivery service of abstracts without charge.

The partnership would change, and in 1957 the partners in Southwest Abstract Company became John M. Roll, W.W. “Woolsey” Godlove, Ray H. Babbitt, and Howard C. Babbitt. In 1977, George Donald “Don” Jump, who joined the company in 1954, became the principal owner, and his wife, Jo Ann Jump, joined the company to offer the first real estate closing services in Comanche County. By January, 1999, Don Jump was the sole owner of Southwest Abstract, which was incorporated as Southwest Abstract and Title Company.

Today, Southwest Abstract & Title Company is the only 100% locally owned abstract company in Comanche county, and continues the legacy of providing its services with the use of cutting edge technology and the efforts of Don and Jo Ann’s son Steve Jump, daughter Melissa Wilson, son-in-law Wm. Dale Wilson, and granddaughter, Mallory Wilson; together with a number of experienced, long-term employees.



About the Owners



Don Jump began his career in the title business in 1954, when a man who had been his teacher at Fletcher High School, John Roll, gave him a job at Southwest Abstract in Lawton, Oklahoma, the county seat of Comanche county. Only 18 years old at the time, Don began learning to be an abstractor. As he learned the business, he became interested in offering customers another product – title insurance. He persuaded Mr. Roll to allow him to sell owner’s title policies door to door.

Later, Don acquired an interest in Southwest Abstract, and in 1977 his wife, Jo Ann joined the company to offer the first real estate closing services in Comanche county. Don served as President of the Oklahoma Land Title Association in 1979, and was the recipient of the association’s Senior Meritorious Award in 2011. In 1999, he became the sole owner of Southwest Abstract Company, which was then incorporated as Southwest Abstract and Title Company.